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ACG Utah | Intermountain Growth Conference

By: Kevin Jessop Date: March 7, 2017

The 2017 ACG Utah Intermountain Growth Conference, featuring the 2017 ACG Capital Connection® and DealSource helps businesses collaborate with the region’s top business leaders and learn from seasoned professionals from around the region.

Regan Guth, Diversified Shareholder and former ACG Utah President, is the current Vice Chair of the Intermountain Growth Conference.

He and Katina Curtis co-chaired the event this year, Katina as the main Chair and Regan as the Vice Chair:

Regan Guth, Vice Chair of Intermountain Growth Conference

Katina Curtis, Chair of Intermountain Growth Conference

The BYU Team won the seed money prize
BYU Team wins the seed money prize

We also heard a very interesting lunch presentation by Robert Stephens, founder of the Geek Squad. He was quite entertaining and insightful.
Robert Stephens, Founder of Geek Squad

The Diversified Crew showed up in force for the event.
Diversified Crew at the ACG Conference

Overall, it was a great event that Diversified is proud to be a part of. Diversified supports ACG locally and is an integral part of the Deal Flow scene in Utah.